ABC Electro Powdercoating

pro1Project Location: 348 Ward St, Port Hope, ON L1A 4A4

Project Description: This 7.5 gpm industrial reverse osmosis system setup is actually comprised of two smaller, 3.75 gpm, commercial reverse osmosis systems accompanied by a commercial carbon filter & twin-alternating water softener for continuous flow. The industrial reverse osmosis system at ABC Electro Powdercoating Limited is supported by two 1 HP water booster pumps. This client opted for the recommended pretreatment measures, and has benefited immensely by choosing to have them incorporated as part of the industrial reverse osmosis system setup.

Application: ABC Electro Powdercoating Limited specializes in the powdercoating of steel & cast iron parts for automotive and manufacturing use. Reverse osmosis or deionized water is a critical part of the powdercoating application as it makes for a effective pre-coating rinse. In such applications, city/municipal supply water would result in shoddy powdercoating, since there would be many visible and aesthetic blemishes with the applied paint.