Benefits of RO Water

An Economical Alternative to Deionized or Distilled Water

1Reverse osmosis water is an excellent alternative to deionized or distilled water, which can be very costly to produce. Whereas water deionization systems require frequent chemical refills, reverse osmosis systems simply require membranes changes, which is much more economical & feasible. Reverse osmosis is a technology that is versatile; it can be incorporated in nearly any setting, with relatively few operational stipulations. Due to their chemical-free nature, reverse osmosis system components experience less structural damage, wear and tear, a greater lifespan & less downtime.

Comparable Product Water Quality

Both commercial & industrial reverse osmosis systems produce water that has the following properties:

  • low conductivity (20-40 mS/cm)
  • low TDS (3-10 ppm)
  • high resistivity (18+ MW)
  • purified, deionized water fit for use in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods, beverages, etc.
  • deemed safe for human consumption

Comparable Flow Rates

3Reverse osmosis systems can produce deionized water upwards of a hundred gpm (100-500+ gpm), which is comparable to the production capabilities of deionized water systems.